Can you hear me now?

We went to see a fixer-upper recently: 105 Lowell Ave. Going in, we thought our major problem would be the railway line right across the street: both now as well as when high speed rail comes through. Thankfully, the open house included the current tenants. I chatted up one of them on his way out of the bathroom to find out more about train noise. He assured me that once you got used to it, the train noise wasn’t much of a problem, you learned to ignore it. But, he said, “What carrier do you have?” “AT&T,” I said. “Yeah, no good,” he said. “No AT&T anywhere in this house, except in a small square in the living room.” I did another walk through, damned if he wasn’t on the money. There was about a 2sqft area in the middle of the living room where I got 2 bars, 0-1 bar everywhere else in the house.

Next time you see a house, whip out that phone and walk through slowly.

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